Tara Blasco and Lyn Hebenstreit


We facilitate an ongoing Alice Bailey/Lucille Cedercrans study group at Meditation Mount in Ojai California.  Currently, however, we are studying “Death, Our Last Illusion" by Susan Shore. We meet every Friday from 7 to 8.30 pm and the group is open to anyone interested.

We also facilitate with Henry Guy an online Headquarters Training course based on the lesson material projected by Lucille in Estes Park, Colorado in the early 60s. This course begins May 27, 2017 and will continue for approximately two years. Classes meet every Saturday from 10.30 am to 12 pm Pacific time.

Henry Guy

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We have three active live videoconference classes: Nature of the Soul, Gene Keys, and Teacher Training. We are also working with a group on a study of Group Initiation. We use Lucille's work as well as the works of Alice Bailey and Helena Roerich as a basis for some of our classes. If you would like to see how our courses work you can watch a YouTube video we made, Dialogue as Service (click the title to watch it). We will be starting new classes soon: Leadership Training, Nature of the Soul, Advanced Teacher Training, and Teacher Training. For more about our method, times and dates for the classes, and contacting us, see our website: resounds.org.

Henry Guy has studied the works of Alice A. Bailey, Helena Roerich, Lucille Cedercrans, and others for over four decades. He has completed the Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training courses, and lives in Estes Park, Colorado, USA, where he works with others in the establishment of the Center of Synthesis. He has published two books, Saving the World, the Spiritualization of Matter, and Polar Shift (both available for free from iBooks).  The Controlled Motion of Substance as a Teaching Technique found in the Spring, 2014 edition of the Esoteric Quarterly; that might be useful in that it gives further background on the format we use. Several other articles have been published in the Beacon. With Elisabetta Raspini, Henry coordinated a week-long residence course in Cittá della Pieve, Italy at the Community of Living Ethics in 2016 and 2017. With Lyn and Tara, Henry is facilitating the Headquarters Series

Klaas Hoekstra and Odilia Hoekstra 


Klaas Hoekstra had a professional background as a building engineer, later graduated with a bachelor in Agogic sciences and he has a Master degree in Human Development. He worked as a professional in polytechnical schools, in higher education and in an academy as a teaching professor, researcher and curricula developer. As a lifelong student for more then 30 years and as practitioner of the (ageless) Wisdom, he synthesizes and applies the esoteric works of HPB, H. Roerich, Alice A. Bailey and Lucille Cedercrans. As a meditation-practitioner and spiritual healer he also received instructions, training and guidance from a Dzogchen Master on one of the lineages from the Himalayan tradition. He initiated the Academy of Wisdom Teaching in Europe www.academyofwisdomteaching.eu  11 years ago as a virtual educational platform interrelating the Wisdom Teachings in the Western hemisphere. As a qualified Teacher he offers and facilitates six days a week courses of the Nature of the Soul, Creative Thinking, Path of Initiation, (Group)Discipleship & Economy, Headquarters Lessons, Cooperative Leadership and Teacher Training. The Ashram of Synthesis is his main ‘working-space’. He currently lives in Holland.

Odilia Hoekstra is still working as a professional teacher for already more than 30 years and as a meditation-practitioner and healer she received instructions, training and guidance from a Dzogchen Master on one of the lineages from the Himalayan tradition. She is a qualified Teacher of the Wisdom. As a lifelong student of the (ageless) Wisdom trained via the works of A.A. Bailey she offers and facilitates the courses Nature of the Soul, Creative Thinking and Path of Initiation

Steven van Kervel

Steven van Kervel had a professional background as an officer in the army and later as an international relations-officer at the department of Defence in Holland. He is a certified Teacher of the Wisdom, offering a developed course on the Science of Triangles on the inter-related themes of Esoteric Healing, - Psychology and - Astrology of the Soul. This course is based upon the (ageless) Wisdom Teachings via the works of A.A. Bailey as well as the New Thought-From Presentation of the Wisdom of Lucille Cedercrans. The course is founded upon the Divine Trinity, more commonly known as “The Father, The Mother (or Holy Ghost) and The Son”, or the three Rays of Aspect, which implies that “all things are triple”. This course gives deep insights into the triangular relationships of the macrocosm as it reflects itself in the human microcosm. 

Christine Karlsen

Christine Karlsen has been a student of the world’s spiritual traditions for over four decades. Her interest is East-West Synthesis and her studies include the works of Lucille Cedercrans, Lois Maxwell Harris, Alice Bailey, Nicholas and Helena Roerich, and Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. She is an ordained minister and a certified Teacher of The Wisdom, having completed Advanced Teacher Training (2004 - 2010). She is an active participant in the worldwide Wisdom community and participates in Cooperative Leadership and Wisdom Therapy initiatives and the Foundational Buddhist and Heart-Mind of Maitreya Practices (Lucille Cedercrans) as taught by Greg Tzinberg.

She is currently facilitating Teacher Training (in person) and The Path of Initiation (online) classes and a Gene Keys Group and participating in planning of the 2018 Wisdom Gathering in Estes Park, Colorado. Area students regularly gather at solstices and equinoxes and cardinal points of the year to participate in The Maitreya Puja to celebrate community and honor transitions of all kinds: births, deaths, graduations, marriages and more.

Wisdom classes meet online (Zoom) or in person in the Washington, DC metro area. For further information Christine can be contacted via email at cakarlsen@mac.com.

Updated: June 12, 2018

Theresa de Riggs and Greg Tzinberg

Greg Tzinberg and Theresa de Riggs are both long-time students and teachers of the New Thoughtform Presentation of the Wisdom and Tibetan Buddhism. Much of their work is based on the teachings of Lucille Cedercrans Schaible who wrote the Nature of the Soul series of lessons and then went on to become a recognised teacher of the Nyingma Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Recently they have been travelling throughout the US, Costa Rica and Australia presenting classes, workshops and retreats focussing on various aspects of meditation, individual and group work.  Theresa and Greg can be contacted via email:  theresaderiggs@gmail.com

Greg Tzinberg is the author of the book, Bridge to Maitreya, and has been a teacher of meditation for over 30 years and has an abiding passion for working with people who want to build a conscious relationship with the soul.   Greg is a recognized Lay Teacher in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and a long-time student of Lucille Cedercrans. Through his spiritual and professional training and experience, Greg brings a unique skill-set and methodologies for helping individuals to connect soul to soul with themselves and their world.

Theresa de Riggs is a qualified Teacher of the Wisdom and has been teaching the various works of Lucille Cedercrans and Denise Crundall for over 15 years, synthesising these works with Lucille’s later Buddhist teachings specifically relating to Maitreya and the energy of Loving-Kindness.  Theresa has also spent 10 years running a retreat centre for health and wellbeing, working with various modalities, teaching meditation, running workshops and classes and offering spiritual guidance and general life coaching.

In person and on-line classes:

Weekly meditation classes in Dromana; Working with Life Changes and Transition Group; Loving Kindness in Action: Soul to Soul Communication; Soul to Soul Communication for Couples Retreat/Class; Foundations of Buddhist Philosophy; The Path of Initiation – Living a Soul Centred Life; Medicine Buddha – Practice, Mantra and Meditation



Margrit has studied the works of Lucille Cedercrans for the past 10 years.

Since she completed Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training,

She has been teaching The Path of Initiation, The Soul and Its Instrument and The Nature of the Soul by Lucile Cedercrans. She continuously expands and deepens her esoteric knowledge by reading and participating in various Wisdom courses offered online, as well as the "Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd.

Margrit is a trained Reiki channel, using Reiki regularly, as it is offered to anyone in need of healing.

As part of a group she was instrumental in organizing and presenting the international Gathering "Love is the Bridge" in Uluru (Ayers Rock) Australia in 2016.

Margrit has formed and runs a local meditation group for the past 6 years.

She also runs monthly meditations online: A Full Moon Meditations on the day of the Full Moon; The Fire of Synthesis Meditation on the Sunday closest to the New Moon; and as part of an Environment Group she also runs a meditation on the New Moon itself in support of a harmonious coexistence of humanity and the environment.

Margrit is starting a Path of Initiation course in July with students from Europe, the USA and Australia.

Margrit lives in Melbourne Australia and teaches online via email and via videoconference. She can be contacted via email: wisdom5292@bigpond.com

Margrit is currently facilitating a Path of Initiation course.

This is the first of a series of courses using the works of Lucille Cedercrans.

It opens the door to conscious living.

In a very simple way, it not only opens our eyes to the way we live, and what we do, and the consequences that flow from it all, but it also points us in the direction of change by providing excellent tools we can apply in our daily lives. The result is positive changes in our lives through conscious living, total awareness of our thoughts, emotions and actions. This course sets the groundwork for Soul consciousness and an all-round easier and happier life experience.

Please contact Margrit  for further details via email: wisdom5292@bigpond.com

Fred Van Ackeren


Lyratah Barrett

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Fred moved to the Denver area in 2009 after a long consideration to follow an undefined spiritual calling. Fred has studied the works of Alice Bailey/D.K. since 1969 and enrolled in the Arcane School in 1970, in which he is still active. He is currently co-facilitator of the Denver Goodwill Service Group in presenting Full Moon meditations and a book study each month. He is a graduate of the Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training courses; has studied Corrective Thinking, Nature of the Soul, Leadership Training, and other related courses. Fred has been a long-time teacher in a wide diversity of disciplines, including Martial Arts as an instructor, and as a production foreman in the Printing industry. He also counsels violent-offenders within the Nebraska Dept.  of Corrections, and works as a Braille translator, transcribing all grades of school textbooks. Fred is also active in A.U.M. Masonry, Lodge of Living Stones, Orient of Denver.


Lyratah has studied many spiritual paths and traditions for over 45 years.  She is grateful to the many physical plane teachers of the Wisdom who have aided her progress. Through study, invocation/evocation and deep inner work, Lyratah has evolved and deepened her spiritual understanding and now focuses her attention on connecting others with the Wisdom.

She is a graduate of the Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training courses, and teaches on many topics of  theAgeless Wisdom, soul awareness and meditative practice, bringing Spirit into matter through ceremony from the Western Occult tradition . She is the Director at New Seed Sanctuary in Lansdowne, PA. and is a trained ceremonialist. She offers her ministerial services, readings and private counseling sessions by appointment.

Lyratah is warm, caring, and recognizes all as soul. She seeks to erase the illusion of separation that many still experience, and sees everyone as an expression of the Divine in form, each having an important piece to share and part to play in transforming our world. 

Fred Van Ackeren and Lyratah Barrett will be co-facilitating a class on The Nature of The Soul  beginning January 17, 2018. They invite you to explore with them, What is the Soul? What are It's characteristics, and How do we embody It for service in the New Age? 

Class is now forming. Contact: lyratah@gmail.com  or   fjvan@live.com