Seventh Ray Organization

 The seventh ray as an attribute of the Soul is simply the ability of consciousness to precipitate its intent into form.

This energy in its right use, i.e., when rightly motivated, invokes Divine Law into activity to produce Divine Order in manifestation.

Nature of the Soul, p. 250


The Seventh Ray is primarily the Ray of Ceremonial Magic. Rather than expressing via a system which is based upon numerical relationships, it will express its creativity through ceremonial motion. The Seventh Ray activity will manifest an appearance rather than a system, an appearance based upon the Ceremonial Magic or the organization of light, color, sound, and vibration.

Light will be brought to bear upon whatever effort is underway. That light will be incorporated into the appearance via Ceremonial Magic. Sound will be brought to bear upon whatever effort is underway. That sound will be incorporated into the appearance via Ceremonial Magic.

And so with Color and Vibration (I am going to substitute a word here for vibration, for the connotations of your particular usage detracts from the understanding; that is Movement, Motion). In other words, the organizational aspect of the new civilization. Organizations will not be based upon systems of numerical relationships; they will be based upon the relationships of light, sound, color, and vibration, incorporated via Ceremonial Magic into an appearance. They will then be self-perpetuating.

Ashramic Impressions, p. 69-70


First, a Seventh Ray organization is an organization within which the seeds of death are not planted. The organizational forms with which the world is familiar today are of a Third Ray nature. Their death is predetermined by their birth. They are established for a specific purpose and goal, which is of such a nature that it evolves, crystallizes the form, and in itself, when that form has become sufficiently crystallized, brings about the death of the form.

A Seventh Ray organization is of a different nature. Rather than incorporating the laws of birth and death, the Seventh Ray organization uses periodicity in such a way that its form is in etheric substance and can never become crystallized. Its outer structure is of an etheric nature and can never crystallize. Being of an etheric nature without an outer crystallization or crust, it then is subject to the ebb and the flow of the Spiritual Soul and the Monad which overshadows it. It is enabled to constantly adapt itself accordingly and to embody from season to season that which has application within its sphere of service.

Leadership Training, p. 89


Towards an Economy of Sharing

The capitalistic system, which is not a true definition of the industrial economy for which it actually is a handle, if I may use this term, is but a transitory system during a period when the consciousness of humanity is very rapidly transiting from one age to another. This economy, with which you are so familiar and yet so unfamiliar (if I may put it that way) is entirely transitory in nature.

If you will look back upon it, you will realize that it came into being only a short time ago, relatively speaking, and that it connects, so to speak, the old substantial economic form of this past age which was that of barter, with the new economic form which we are approaching and which is based upon the principle of a One Life, which is actually in itself, a system of sharing.

If you can grasp this, see the evolution from barter to sharing, the movement upward, up the ladder of evolution from barter as a system, a very successful system, to that of sharing. These systems are but “handles” to the industrial revolution that in itself constituted a transitory form insofar as the economy of the world is concerned, from a world of many separated parts into a One World. The separated parts were based then upon their economy, were based upon a system of barter, which was a very successful system.

The economy of the One World is based upon a system of sharing. The system of barter was successful for the state of consciousness which it served. But now, you see the connectivity, the connecting link, that part of the plan which carries the human consciousness— humanity, its development and its economy from the old to the new.

Applied Wisdom, p. 1126


Within this then, we see those systems existing in the world today as transitory forms—both communism and capitalism, so to speak, are transitory forms. As they are conceived and practiced in the world, they are transitional.  They are neither good nor bad as such; they are transitional. They serve (and in the most economical manner, if I may put it this way) to conserve energy, force, and substance along a directional movement which allows for no wasted motion, in direct relationship of this movement of the old age into the new. These are the prime factors you have to consider—the evolution of human consciousness from that point of development which identifies it in sections, parts, countries, etc.

The evolution of humanity at this stage of development, with this system of barter, which perfectly served it, is moving into the consciousness of humanity which is a world consciousness, which does manifest a one world, because it is group consciousness. Humanity is much more group conscious today than those of you who discuss group consciousness would realize. Man is becoming much more conscious of his fellow in all parts of the world than he has ever been at any time in the past.

The crisis of opportunity has brought into focus all of the karmic necessities to this evolutionary development. And here is another point that I would like to bring out. That if you can see karma, rather than seeing it as a result of the past, if you can see it as a creation of the future, you will be much more able to deal with it. In other words, the future has created the present karma in that it is the karmic necessity of the consciousness to evolve from its past into its future.

So you see then the evolution of human consciousness with its systems from its past point of development into its future one, recognizing the industrial revolution and the system through which it has made itself manifest, as transitional in nature.

Now, in both of these systems, in their transitional nature, there is what we must call “evil”, in that there is the use in these systems by the intelligent, of ignorance—the use of ignorance by the intelligent for the sake of the few, so to speak. You understand that to which I am referring. This is present within both systems.

It must be. The system is evolving through a crisis of opportunity wherein the ignorance of humanity is utilized (and the ignorance is a term, because of past connotations, I would like to throw out of the window, but I cannot do it because you do not have a term available to Me which would adequately supersede it). But humanity is within that crisis of opportunity wherein ignorance is deliberately utilized by the intelligent men and women in the world to bring about the results they themselves desire.

This is a part of the Divine Plan in manifestation—that this activity which is a development of human repression, in a sense, be brought up into the clear light of day to see that the intelligent individual, the man of power, the man of wealth, and the man of health, by the way, observe this action of his. This again is a development which has evolved out of the past.

It is then not only for the man in the street—the relatively unintelligent—to see this picture, but for the intelligent man who is making the use of ignorance to see this also. There is no human being in this world today, rightly or wrongly using energy, force, or substance, who is doing so without knowledge of it. In other words, the use of ignorance today is deliberate—is conscious. This is an important point to grasp, because this is one of the dynamic factors in the world crisis at this time. It used to be possible for a relatively intelligent man to use ignorance unconsciously, to wield that ignorance, which is the force of darkness, unconsciously, believing the end he served justified the means. This is no longer true.

The man who is using the ignorance of the people, so to speak, to further his own end, whether his own end be his own individually or his own group-wise, is conscious of the fact of that which he is doing. This is a part of the consciousness of humanity. The man must decide upon what action he will take. He cannot justify it; he cannot hide it. The problem, then, is the development, the evolution, within this planetary life of both Dark and Light Forces. We are not approaching today the Armageddon, but building toward it. The forces themselves are being constructed which will eventually—far, far in the future of the planet—result in that final war between Dark and Light Forces. Now, if you will grasp this, you will come to understand more fully this crisis in which you as disciples have been placed.

Applied Wisdom, p. 1126-1129


Laws and Principles of the New Economy

This series of instructions clearly outlines The Divine Plan for humanity in its economic aspect. It shows those new economic forms upon which the new civilization can be safely constructed, and by which the Purpose of God can be demonstrated through Humanity. It withholds nothing from the open eye of the disciple, in the economic sense, that will enable him to throw his weight upon the side of Light in the struggle now ensuing between the forces of Light and the forces of darkness upon this planet. It is written in an endeavor to give the modern disciple, in whatever nation, position, or circumstance he may be placed, a basic understanding of the Economy of the One Life and Its Laws, so that he may serve The Plan justly and wisely in the world of mankind.

The Economy of the One Life is an organization of the energy, force, and substance of Its many parts into that divine activity which serves the evolution of the total.  It is stepped down upon our planet into three basic laws of Economy which have to be worked out and applied by humanity within its life and affairs.

The three Planetary Laws of the new economy relate specifically with three aspects or phases of intelligent activity: the first having to do with the intelligent activity of purpose or direction, the second having to do with the intelligent activity of consciousness, and the third having to do with the intelligent activity of substance.

Each of the three laws brings these great occult principles into active play within the life and affairs of man. Thus, when the whole of the Law of Economy is applied, nine occult principles of great significance in the Purpose and Plans of the Logos are invoked into activity.

We shall first enumerate the Laws and Principles involved, and then move on to a definition and explanation of each. 

1.  The Law of Right Use

        The Principle of Sharing
            The Principle of Supply and Demand
            The Principle of Democratic Participation in the One Life

2.  The Law of Right Activity

        The Principle of Individuality
            The Principle of Equality
            The Principle of Grace

3.  The Law of Right Planning

        The Principle of Divine Prototype
            The Principle of Relative Appearance
            The Principle of Sequential Change

The Disciple and Economy, p. 2-5



The Role of Business in the Divine Plan

The third section of the Ashram is that of intelligent activity—the form building section of the Ashram, which has to do with the building specifically of the new forms of the new civilization. This works out in the outer life and affairs of the group, and within the body of humanity, in the field of Business.…

The purpose of business is to substantiate, subsidize the growth and development of human consciousness, to build those forms which carry the light, the love, and the power of the Soul into outer expression. This is the purpose of business—any business—all business. This is its only purpose. …

The entire field of business within the body of humanity must undergo a radical change. That change undoubtedly, to a certain degree at least, will be precipitated through grave economic problems and crises. But it is possible now, for groups such as this, to begin to build upon the new concept, and in so doing, to transmit via the etheric network, into the minds of intelligent and spiritually (to a degree at least) oriented men and women, some of the ideas regarding the change.

As the shift is completed, it will eliminate the need for money as such. In the meantime, money, finance, has to be made right use of; it has to be utilized as the intelligent substance which builds the forms necessary to the incarnation of the Soul’s light, love, and power. …

The business builds the forms; it deals with the Form Aspect specifically. It is dealing with the Form Aspect—with the molding of energy, force, and substance into those forms which will carry the Conscious Soul into incarnation, and via that incarnation, into expression.

The intelligent substance is that which is used in the form-building activity, but for the specific purpose of aiding the growth and development of the consciousness. This is how, then, the Third Aspect serves the Divine Plan for humanity, which is, after all, the evolutionary plan of the Soul. This is all the Divine Plan for humanity is: it is the evolution—the growth and development of the Soul into its highest potential.

Applied Wisdom, p. 1588-1590


The Deva Evolution

The deva is a life, the deva is an entity. Remember that the devic evolution is an evolution parallel to that of consciousness. It is the evolution of energy, force, and substance, the evolution of intelligence itself as the negative polarity of spirit.

Think again of the basic triangle of manifestation. There are the positive and negative poles of matter itself—spirit and matter. You remember, the positive pole and the negative pole are the highest and the lowest frequencies of one energy. Spirit is matter vibrating at its highest frequency, and matter is spirit vibrating at its lowest frequency. Within the magnetic field created by these two frequencies of one energy, consciousness is born. That consciousness is differentiated from spirit and matter. It is an evolution of itself—the evolution of consciousness, of the Soul—the magnetic field between spirit and matter, spirit and matter being the positive and negative poles of one energy. That one energy is the devic evolution from its highest aspect to its lowest aspect—spirit to matter.

Those devas with which you come into contact are the devas which exist from the level of the Conscious Soul, the Overshadowing Soul within the Ashramic Group Life to your own focus within the instrument. These are the frequencies of matter with which you are in contact, and these are the devas that we refer to when we speak of devic forces insofar as you are concerned. This evolution of devic life continues clear on up to its highest aspect, which is Spirit.

Your bodies are made up of these three frequencies of matter which we define as mental, astral, and etheric. They constitute within themselves devas. The mental body is a deva, with which your consciousness is specifically related. The astral body is another deva with which you are specifically related. The etheric body is another one with which you are specifically related. Those bodies, these three devas, are evolving just as you are evolving, but theirs is the evolution of intelligence, the evolution of the negative polarity of the one energy. Yours is the evolution of consciousness.

It is via the cooperative relationship between you and your devas that the growth of both is achieved. Yours is the ability to impress upon your devas that which you are, in consciousness, and through the devas to express that which you are through their ability to receive that impression and to carry it out into expression, to reflect it, to depict it to you the consciousness. Thus evolves the consciousness and the devas. These are parallel evolutions, closely related.

Applied Wisdom, p. 450-451