We have discussed the three energies which are being blended into a new synthesis for the purpose of working out this Ashramic Plan in the world of affairs. Your Ashram, the Ashramic Center which brings the planetary purpose into focus and which, via the energy of love, interprets that Divine Purpose into a Plan and passes that Plan on to you to be worked out in the life and affairs of mankind, is constituted of three members of the Hierarchy with whom you are aligned in a direct interrelationship—both as Soul and within your instrument in the physical plane of affairs. The Master M, the Lord of the first Ray, the Master DK, a senior disciple of the second Ray and myself, the Master R, Lord of the seventh Ray, bring these three energies into a focus, a triangular focus on ashramic levels and via a circulation of spiritual force within that triangle blend them into the new synthesis which has as yet just barely touched you, but which will—as you in your increasing receptivity become more able to carry it and to express it in service to the Divine Plan for humanity—come into appearance and influence in ever-increasing quality and quantity.

Even though the new synthesis has been created out of the first, second and seventh Rays, it is new in itself and has its own particular and peculiar characteristics and qualities. Its intent, its purpose, as an energy expression in the world of affairs during this period, is to bring about a synthesis of all truth which lives well within, and moves through, the many forms which house that truth, regardless of how apparently in opposition the forms may be. This is its intent and purpose, to step such a purpose down into further effect. It is to produce through its synthesizing action the evolution of the human consciousness from its prison of the separated persona identification into identification of Soul—with the experiences in consciousness of at-one-ment in the group sense that is attendant to Soul consciousness or Soul identification. In other words, through its synthesizing action, the individual breaks through his ring-pass-not to achieve an at-one-ment with others at his own particular level of development so that a true group consciousness can be known. This is one of the immediate steps in the evolutionary process.

The major characteristic of this new energy is its dynamic, precipitating faculty. It is the precipitating agent of the Divine Plan for humanity in specific circumstances and situations, in specific happenings. The disciple will use the energy by focusing it into those situations and circumstances which should be the vehicle for the manifestation of the Plan, but are not necessarily so at that given time. By focusing this energy into this or that specific situation or circumstance, even though that happening appears to be in opposition to the Plan, the energy itself precipitates the Divine Plan into manifestation via or through that specific happening. ...

It is necessary for me now to project technical instruction regarding the synthesis of these energies with which you have been familiar as differentiated Ray expressions.  You will find that carrying a Synthesis of one, two, and seven is much different from carrying either a combination of the three or of one or two of the energies.  You will find that the characteristics and qualities of each of these energies, while they are basically present within the synthesis, are nonetheless in themselves, as basic characteristics, recondite to and productive of a new and different characteristic and quality which is that of the synthesis itself.  To even approach an understanding of the synthesis, it is necessary for you to bring into your own consciousness as much as you already know of these three Rays and from that knowledge to move up in frequency to the Second Cosmic Ray of Divine Love Wisdom, or Pure Reason, of which these three are subsidiary.  For it is only through an understanding, at least in part, of Pure Reason—to which these three are subsidiary—that the synthesis of them can be approached in understanding.  

The Headquarters Series, 7 February 1961


Today, there are those within the Hierarchy Who, having equated a new relationship or path between the Prototype and its appearance in the world of affairs, are giving Themselves to a new effort for humanity.  Together with a few of their senior disciples, They are forming the nucleus of a new Synthetic Ashram within which the Light, Love, and Power of God are being blended into a perfect synthesis which will precipitate the newly formulated relationship, or path, into the body of humanity.  Once that new path is anchored within the human consciousness within the economy of its energy, force, and substance, and within its outer life and affairs, its evolution will be speeded up a thousandfold.  

The Disciple and Economy, p 22


As you realize, the new Ashram of Synthesis carries the responsibility not only of incarnating (so to speak) as a conscious Soul within the body of humanity, but of building the new forms of the new civilization which can and will adequately house that incarnate Soul and provide for its continuing growth and development. The Ashramic group life is constituted (if you will please excuse my terminology here) of three major “sections” insofar as its focus of attention is concerned.

These major sections which are determined by the three major Ashrams which have come together to create the new synthesis are:

  1. That section which deals with Divine Purpose, Divine Power, Divine Will, and which is reflected outwardly, works out within the body of humanity as Government; works out within the group life as cooperative leadership—as each individual within the group follows his own overshadowing Spiritual Soul guidance, which is his governing agent, so to speak. The head center then of the group life is the Ashram.
  2. The next section – the second section of the Ashramic group life – is that of the consciousness aspect, the Soul life of the group dealing primarily with the growth and development of the incarnate consciousness (incarnate on Ashramic levels within the causal sheath; incarnate below these levels within the threefold instrument). This section of the Ashram is reflected outwardly within the body of humanity primarily in the field of Education; within the group life, in the same field (that of teaching) as well as any other activity which deals specifically with the Soul life. I am placing in this section (and deliberately so because this is the New Age into which we have entered), healing; all of the cultural activities of humanity; and in part the field of science, particularly in research.
  3. The third section of the Ashram is that of intelligent activity—the form building section of the Ashram which has to do with the building specifically of the new forms of the new civilization. This works out in the outer life and affairs of the group, and within the body of humanity in the field of Business.

We have here three major sections of the Ashramic group life—three major sections, insofar as that is concerned, of the Hierarchy. We see these three major sections out-pictured within the world of affairs today in this civilization, which is rapidly moving out of incarnation. The first major change to be made in the economic structure of humanity has to do with the relationship of these three sections which are a reflection, truly, of the Trinity itself – Spirit, matter, and consciousness.

It is extremely important that you grasp this concept. The first major change in the new civilization must be made in the economy of the world itself. That change must be in the relationship of these three sections (or fields, or departments of human living) to one another. And that change is very simple—as follows:

The purpose of business is to substantiate, subsidize the growth and development of human consciousness—to build those forms which carry the light, the love and the power of the Soul into outer expression. This is the purpose of business, any business. all business. This is its only purpose.

For education to become a business or to enter into business – this is wrong relationship. Business is the intelligent activity which will build the forms of the incarnation necessary to the growth and development of the consciousness aspect itself. Finance, then, intelligent substance, is the substantiating, or subsidizing aspect or activity. This section then must support or subsidize the education of the human consciousness; the healing activity, which in this New Age, has to do with the healing of consciousness; all of the cultural interests and activities of humanity which relates specifically with the growth and development of the human consciousness, etc.

The purpose of government is to coordinate these two other sections—that which deals with and is under the large heading of education (or rather the growth and development of the human consciousness); and the intelligent activity which supports, substantiates, subsidizes that growth and development. The government then must work through the concept and activity of cooperative leadership to coordinate the activities of the other two sections.

Thus we begin to bring about within the world of affairs that right relationship between Spirit, matter and consciousness, which will not only heal the economic ills of humanity as a total, but which will generate a creative economy capable of transmuting the material values into spiritual values.

The Headquarters Series, 13 October 1961


The Synthesis Ashram stands as a disciple in relation to the Avatar of Synthesis, and is, then, primarily responsible for the effort, as synthesis, as a new dynamic within the body of humanity during this particular time and place.  

The new dynamic speeds up (and yet these are poor terms for our understanding here) the process of evolution in that particular degree which eliminates from the process by working through it, certain karmic factors of longstanding which would otherwise hold the consciousness within an experience prison over many incarnations.  As all of you have recognized, one of the major characteristics of this dynamic as it enters into the consciousness (and by way of the vehicle, the life and affairs) is the speeding up of experience.  A disciple recognizes this as the living of many lifetimes in one.  The change is recognized in the physiological time factor itself.  This dynamic, when applied to the whole of humanity, becomes a direct tool, if I may use this term, in the hands of the disciples.  

Now, in the development of the group life, there has been little of the true synthesis brought into being.  The development has necessarily had to work with the predominant blend of energies of one particular ray at a time in order to evolve the consciousness in a rounded out manner in order to condition the instrumentality to the particular frequency of each particular ray and the experience which they produce.  During the past years it has-been possible in certain areas of the group life to bring in the true synthesis and in degree at least, work with it to begin to condition and to qualify the consciousness, the vehicles, and lives of the disciples within the group with the synthesis.  

Let us consider the synthesis of First, Second, and Seventh Ray energy which is the responsibility of this new ashram, and, as you realize to a greater or lesser degree, is the responsibility of all those disciples who function within the ashram itself and who are working with the Wisdom, which is in truth the vehicle for the synthesis itself.  

The synthesis itself is more than a blend or combination of First, Second, and Seventh Ray energy.  As a result of the combination or bringing together, the unification of these three major energies, a new energy and a new force, as well as a new material plus a new concept is brought into being.  This new energy, the new force, the new material, the new concept constitute within the world of men anew dynamic. 

Applied Wisdom, p 53


My purpose in coming to you at this time is not only to focus your attention upon that principle, concept and energy for which I am responsible, that of Divine Love Wisdom, but to clarify somewhat, if I may, certain points regarding it which your work with the Energy of Synthesis may tend to overlook.  

As you realize, the initial inflow or entry into this planetary life and affairs of that energy which can be defined as Synthesis, reaches us from the Avatar of Synthesis.  He Who has embodied, in relationship to our Solar system, the principle and energy of Synthesis, is a Synthesis primarily of First, Second, and Seventh Ray energy.  

You realize of course, that any true Synthesis is a Synthesis of all of the seven rays or seven expressions of the One Life within which you live, move, and have your being.  But this Synthesis of the many into the one has to be achieved through a synthesizing energy.  The Avatar of Synthesis is One Who has embodied within Himself the perfect expression in a perfect Synthesis of First, Second, and Seventh Ray, in its relationship to our Solar system, and specifically at this time, this planetary life and affairs.  

That Synthesis, in no way detracts from the characteristic, the special, very special characteristic and quality of any one of those three major rays.  A Synthesis is achieved when two or more parts so perfectly complement one another that they merge into a total which gives to each of its parts something which it did not previously have.  Grasp this thought, this idea, and your understanding of the concept and the actuality which includes, remember, the application of Synthesis, will expand greatly.  In the merging of the perfect complementing of One, Two, and Seven into a totality, none of the special characteristics, qualities of these three expressions of Divinity are lost or detracted from.  They are enhanced by the fact of the mergence, the perfect movement of these three into a one, and each, then, has been added to, so that it is more than it ever was by itself.  Its characteristics and qualities are lifted to the highest potential possible and then in addition, something new, a new dynamic which works for the total good of the total life, the total life including, or as it is included, within the Cosmos.  

The only subtraction, if I may call it that, from any part that goes into the making of a true Synthesis, would be that of separation.  The expression of all of those characteristics and qualities which went into the Synthesis is beneficent or beneficial to every tiny life, every great life, within the whole of the Cosmic life.  

In this Synthesis, the quality as never before is that of Divine Love Wisdom.  This is the quality which underlies and moves through, within, interpenetrates, the expression of Synthesis in an area of activity—the quality.  Bring into your instrumentality the energy of Synthesis and express it, and that which is true quality will show forth as the perfect expression of Divine Love-Wisdom. This will be the color, so to speak.  It will color the skin; it will color the eyes; it will color the many lights of the body.  It will color the tonal quality.  It will color the movement, all expression.  It will be then the quality, the quality, of every expression, which is one of Synthesis.  

And it will qualify the action of the will.  It will qualify the intelligent activity aspect.  It will qualify the strength.  It will qualify the actions.  It will permeate everything so that it becomes one of the first recognizable characteristics of the energy of Synthesis.  

Try, then, to achieve this quality.  Let it have a part in the choosing of your thoughts.  Let it have a part in the choosing (you will note this term please) of your feelings, responses and reactions.  Let this quality have a choice or a part in the choosing of your words and your deeds.  Become the vehicle of that qualifying essence which is the binding force which holds together the many lives, great and small, of the One about Whom Naught May be Said.  

One other point that I would direct your attention to, which may help with an understanding of this concept, and help you with your alignment with its quality of Synthesis, help you in becoming a vehicle for it—this quality has not one special or particular color.  It is the essence of every color, and thus it is all-pervading.  My Love is With You.

Applied Wisdom, p 571


The synthesis of First, Second and Seventh Ray energies brings the planet and humanity a new energy, a new force and a new substance with which to shape and mold a new civilization.

The Synthesis reaches us from the Avatar of Synthesis, Who, acting, under the direction of a greater Cosmic Life, synthesizes the energies into a lower correspondence of a Cosmic energy as yet, of too high and subtle a frequency for us to reach.

The Avatar releases the new Synthesis to the Planetary Logos and The Christ, Who, in turn release it to the new Ashram of Synthesis via its focal point, the Masters M, R, and DK.

These three use several methods of release for the distribution of the energy to humanity and through humanity into the devic lives of the planet. Among these methods is that with which we are here concerned; it is released to seven disciples on the thread, each functioning as a Soul in the Ashram and each serving in incarnation as disciples in a particular department of human living. The seven disciples, each in his (or her) own field, continue the distribution of the Synthesis energy via a threefold method.

1. Through a creative service activity which gives body and form to the incoming energy. We are referring here to creativity such as in the fields of art, literature, music, medicine, psychology, etc.

2. Via groups of disciples working with them both esoterically and exoterically in all fields of human endeavor for human betterment.

3. Via special meditation effort carried out both individually and in company with co-workers, which directs the energy along those paths of manifestation indicated by the Divine Plan for humanity.

The many disciples who are attracted into a relationship with one or another of the seven disciples on the thread form seven major groups which continue the distribution process via:

  1. Their chosen service activities

  2. An application of the Synthesis energy into their daily lives and affairs,

  3. And via a radiation of it through that network which is humanity.

In addition to the above, these seven groups of disciples step the energy down to the lower kingdoms in nature, both consciously and unconsciously, thus further conditioning the planetary life with the new Synthesis.

It might be of interest to those for whom this instruction is specifically projected to know that The Nature of' the Soul series is a specific instance of a disciple on the thread having created a body and a form for an incarnation of the new Synthesis energy; so also are other works such as this one. Therefore a certain quantity and quality of the energy, force and substance of Synthesis has already been released to humanity in this way (and has also been placed in availability for humanity’s direct appropriation).

The question has been placed before me: “What determines the choice of those disciples on the thread for the function of Ashramic focal points in the reception and distribution of the Synthesis?” I am going to endeavor to answer that question for the benefit of the many interested individuals both in the present and the future who have the right to know.

First, however, let me clarify one major point in all this questioning. Each of these seven has been chosen by a Council made up of seven members of the Hierarchy, plus the Avatar of Synthesis and The Christ, acting in an advisory capacity. The initial choice was made by the then Masters of the First, Second, and Seventh Ray Ashrams. It was then passed upon by the others after due consideration of the total Council.

The seven were chosen from among a group of disciples on the thread (for various reasons, not always the same in each case) because they were more readily receptive and adaptive to the new energy, more in tune, as it were, with the mind and consciousness of one or more of the Masters directly involved, and thus more capable of communication with Him. And finally, each in their own way had earned the right to both office and function.

I would like to make one other point here. Each of these seven was chosen long before this incarnation. Their training began, and even their service initiated, several hundred years ago within the Ashrams of the Masters M, R, and KH.

These seven disciples of Synthesis, for such they truly are, should not be expected or requested to demonstrate perfection in the persona, or to be very different in the outer sense from other disciples in the field. Yet they should receive the respect, love and cooperation due them. Their task is one of the most difficult to be undertaken in any Ashram, and for three or more incarnations they have been hard at it (so to speak) building an instrument in the three worlds sufficient to the task.

If it is difficult to understand them, it is primarily because they are becoming an embodiment of Synthesis in what might appear to be both its positive and negative aspects. They do not manifest exactly the characteristics of the rays with which we are familiar, but rather they manifest the characteristics of the new Synthesis energy. They do not readily understand themselves, (but then my brothers, who among you does)? Nonetheless they are learning to do so. They have not as yet learned the most economical use of this energy, force and substance, but their time is coming.

Let me indicate here—both to the seven disciples themselves (one with whom you of the immediate group are acquainted and related) and to the disciples working with them—certain factors of invocative importance:

“The Power of the disciple of Synthesis is the Power of Divine Purpose synthesized with human need.”

“The quality, and therefore, the radiating, conditioning and relating energy of the disciple of Synthesis is the quality of the Love of the One Life synthesized with human misery.”

“The service capacity of the disciple of Synthesis lies along the line of his ability to organize that within the framework and upon the ground of that which is false and unreal.”

“Ever will he be faced and work with the pairs of opposites as paradox so that paradox will appear to be the law and rule of his life. Yet out of paradox will the new good come forth.”

Each and every disciple working within the field of humanity (from a focus as Soul within the new Ashram of Synthesis) has before him or her the seemingly difficult task of understanding the energy which is now his or her prime concern. What is Synthesis? What are its characteristics and its effects in manifestation? How may one appropriate and rightly use it in service to the Divine Plan for Humanity? What are its dangers?' And how may one protect oneself, one's group and humanity from those dangers?

I shall endeavor to answer these questions for you now, and in so doing release the initiating impulse for a renewal of group effort in the manifestation of the Ashramic Plan. Try to realize in reading, studying, meditating and practicing the following, that it is only a first lesson, so to speak, in Synthesis. Much more will follow in rhythmic cycles, each expansion in its own time and in response to its true need in service.

The energy of Synthesis is a new energy, a new force, and a new substance. Its Purpose is the building of a new civilization which will carry the evolutionary plan for humanity into manifestation.

While it is a synthesis of First, Second, and Seventh Ray energies (and carries then resemblances to these), still it is not like any one or any combination of them. It is like itself insofar as this planet is concerned. In the Cosmic Scheme it is a lower correspondence of a very subtle Cosmic energy which does not yet reach our Solar Logos.

Its primary characteristics are fourth dimensional and thus most difficult to define and describe. It both radiates and absorbs at the same time, producing a motion and a relation of motions which brings the extreme opposites into immediate juxtaposition. (Please note: I am forced to use the terms, “radiate” and “absorb” because they are the closest that language can produce; yet they are not completely correct, nor do they adequately carry the concept. Keep this in mind, endeavoring to intuit the meaning in meditation without the use of language. Some day science will produce correct terms with which to define this fourth dimensional activity). It (the energy) radiates the positive pole and absorbs the negative pole (contacting each of these in whatever form it has entered) and thus, through radiation and absorption, it out pictures in its own substance the extremes to be resolved.

It might be said then that conflict in the extreme is one of its major characteristics and effects. That conflict however will be short-lived, relatively speaking, due to another major characteristic and effect of the Synthesis energy. Because of the radiating and absorbing nature, and the motion of Synthesis, the pairs of opposites are quickly synthesized into a One, a total, or whole. The positive and negative poles are radiated and absorbed into one another, or one atom, so to speak, because of their juxtaposition or perfect alignment. Thus that which was once so-called good and bad have been wedded into a new state, or condition, or manifestation, which is neither good nor bad, but simply an evolutionary movement. One of its characteristic effects in manifestation then is rapid and, one might almost say, radical change.

Conflict in the extreme, followed by quick evolutionary change will manifest wherever the Synthesis energy is applied.

The Synthesis energy is appropriated via a direct alignment with its centers of reception and distribution, which in turn aligns one with its Source. For instance any disciple or probationer familiar with The Nature of the Soul series can use the center it has become for an alignment with the Ashramic focal point, M, R, and DK, and through that focal point, for an alignment with the Higher Triangle. The energy will be released to the individual or group in exact proportion to his power potential in service.

It can be appropriated by a group working in unison as Souls, via an alignment through the focal point created by the disciple on the thread (visualized only as a point of light within the Ashram) to the Ashramic focal point created by the three Masters, and so on to The Christ, The Planetary Logos and The Avatar of Synthesis. The individual group member, working alone but at-one with the group, can use the same alignment. The energy will be released in exact proportion to the group power potential in service.

One might well ask, is there no other way to appropriate the Synthesis energy? Ah, my brothers, the sin of separativeness rears its ugly head. But then yes, there is another way. Every energy which reaches you comes to you through a series of centers which, aligned with one another, provide its path of least resistance. You may use the path of least resistance created by your own ray energies. Align the bodies, the Soul, the Monad, and so reaching toward the Source, you will receive the energy according to the perfection or non-perfection of your own interior alignment; your ability to comprehend the Truths which are the Soul of the energy; and your power potential in service.

Choose whichever technique you will, and serve. ...

Certainly the ordinary common laws of brotherhood are applicable in the use of Synthesis.

Technically, it is applied directly to the situation or circumstance via meditative direction and the use of the voice, hands, or eyes as focal points of distribution. The latter are first aligned from the meditative focus with the inflowing Synthesis, and then, via the devas of Synthesis in the etheric network, with the target (so to speak).

To successfully apply the Synthesis energy, one must first divorce oneself from all emotion (taking care to include the emotion of others as well as one's own in the divorcing) regarding the situation or circumstance. One rises above the sense of good and bad, pleasant or unpleasant, desirable or undesirable and recognizes the need for evolutionary change. That change, from an ever-diminishing darkness to an ever-increasing and illuminating light, becomes the common necessity, the goal to be achieved in every instance.

One's love embraces all equally. One's compassion fulfills need, soothes and quiets torment, forgives and stays guilt and finally transmutes the many shades of hate into an understanding love.

One’s mind, brain, and nervous system organize Truth, in the construction of that new way of life which humanity is seeking—building a new form of thought here, a new automatic response there, a new quality into one's relationships, a new clarity and purpose into one’s words, and finally a new life form altogether.

This organization of Truth which is the task of every disciple in the field today (regardless of his department of service) is based upon a new understanding of the pairs of opposites. Remember that Synthesis actually synthesizes the many into the one. The disciple who is working with this energy looks for the right relationship of all apparently separated parts, so that that which appears by itself as false and unreal is finally seen as a facet of the many-faceted jewel of Truth. Nothing is discarded as actually false or wrong, or bad, but rather it is gathered into its right relationship with the other pieces of the whole. The whole or total unit then becomes a part of the heretofore missing pattern of the Divine Plan for humanity, and serves its Purpose. In so doing it becomes an illuminating force in the world.

The major dangers of Synthesis are all too obvious in the light of what the energy does. It is almost magical (in the sense that the seventh Ray is magical) in influence, in its effects; and one must then guard against its wrong use for purposes of selfish gain, power, pleasure, excitement, etc. One must also take great care to stand free and clear of the conflict of force produced by this energy until such time as that conflict has completed its work, and evolutionary change makes its appearance. If the disciple is pulled into the conflict, he becomes swamped by it and is incapable of distributing the further flow of energy needed to complete the effort begun. In such cases, everyone concerned suffers failure of one kind or another, for a premature cessation of the flow of energy in any given situation is an open invitation to the dark forces to attack. Once begun the cycle must be completed if one is to avoid karmic consequences of a troublesome nature. Always qualify every application of the Synthesis energy with the protective direction to “manifest the Divine Plan in this instance in Divine Law and Order.”

The Headquarters Series, 14 August 1963


I am going to briefly touch again upon the four classes of discipleship within the Ashram with which we are concerned at this time.  Now, before I proceed with this, try to understand that I am referring to the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul which is itself in a process of evolution.  I am not referring to the personality life and affairs or to the incarnate consciousness.  

First, the aspirant.  The aspirant is a term which is used to define that Soul within the buddhic sphere who is within, and therefore constitutes, the aura of the Ashram.  Such a one has his eye fixed upon the periphery of the Ashram and is endeavoring to pierce that periphery. ...

[An aspirant is attracted by the radiance of the Ashram], and by the purpose that is being focused by the Master.  He actually is answering to the sound of that purpose in his particular relationship with it.  Insofar as the incarnate consciousness is concerned, the personality in the three worlds of human endeavor, he may or may not be a member of this Thought-form Presentation of the Wisdom, or of whatever group life is the outer reflection of the Ashram.  Because on soul levels he is defined as an aspirant does not mean that he has not entered into the life and affairs of the outer group.  In most instances he has entered into the group activity.  He may be, insofar as this group is concerned, receiving class instruction via one of the practitioners of the Wisdom. ...

[Many of these aspirants may be studying along several other lines.]

... Do not forget that the Soul on its own level (that is, on the buddhic sphere) is in a process of evolution.  And this is the point of greatest importance this afternoon, the point I am trying to make, the perspective that I am endeavoring to give you in this instruction, so that you within the brain consciousness can become more receptive, more aligned with the purpose and goal being focused, or held in focus, by your own Overshadowing Spiritual Soul, so that you will be able to enter into a more fully aware cooperation with that purpose and goal.  

Now we come to the probationer disciple.  This is that Overshadowing Spiritual Soul who has pierced the periphery of the Ashram, has taken up his particular orbit, his particular probationary place and function within the Ashram just inside its ring-pass-not.  The Soul in this instance has contacted (and as a result of that contact) and brought into focus as a planned service activity his particular relationship with the Divine Purpose being focused by the central directing life of the Ashram.  

Now, the aspirant is that Overshadowing Spiritual Soul which is aspiring to service.  As he begins to comprehend a planned service activity, as he begins to contact Divine Purpose and to formulate that purpose into plan (a plan which will take many incarnations to play out, a plan which is his contribution as Soul to the life and affairs of the One in whom he lives, moves, and has his being), he pierces the periphery of the Ashram and moves just inside, taking up his particular place and function as a probationer within the Ashram, entering into that network of spiritual relationships which constitute his subjective group. ...

The aspirant (remember this is on soul levels), is aspiring to know and serve the Divine Plan for humanity within the Ashram.  Once he has arrived at that knowledge and has begun to embody it on his own level (that is to ideate it, to give purpose a plan), then he pierces the periphery of the Ashram and takes his first place within it.  Then on soul levels (forget the outer reflection), he is serving the Divine Plan for humanity within his Ashram.  

What constitutes the path from probationer to accepted disciple? It is the effectiveness of his work, the movement of his service, which he has entered into, in the Ashram, from ashramic levels down into the three planes of human endeavor and into the body of humanity.  As that consciousness which he is embodying as the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul is communicated into the body of humanity, he passes his probationership and becomes an accepted disciple. ...

Do not forget that an Ashramic Group Life is a group of servers from the probationership clear through to the central directing life, the Master of the Ashram.  These are a group of serving disciples.  As souls within the buddhic sphere, the entire Ashram, individually and collectively, is serving within the One Life.  Each Soul has his particular service relationship with Divine Purpose, his particular service relationship with all the other souls in the Ashram.  The probationer, on soul levels, has been able to ideate his service function, certainly not in what we would call its perfect completed contribution; but from the end to the beginning in a certain degree of perfection, this one has formulated his particular relationship with Divine Purpose into a planned service activity.  This includes many incarnations.

The Headquarters Series, 14 August 1963