In preparation for the new era of human unity, economic sharing, international cooperation and environmental stewardship destined to manifest on earth during this current Age of Aquarius, the spiritual guides of the race released to the public through various messengers beginning in 1875 a profound body of teachings known variously as the Ageless Wisdom, the Ancient Mysteries or simply the Wisdom.   These teachings are an expression, in terms understandable to the human mind, of the spiritual evolution of the universe, the growth of human consciousness from individual to universal and the role of humanity in the manifestation of the “Kingdom of God” on earth through the creative power of the soul.  

The teachings of Lucille Cedercrans summarized on this website follow in succession the revelations of H.P. Blavatsky in the Secret Doctrine and the Theosophical Society, the 24 volumes of esoteric literature written by Alice A. Bailey and the Agni Yoga series written by Helena Roerich.  They are a vast body of practical instruction with special emphasis upon the energy of Synthesis, the Avatar of Synthesis and the new Ashram of Synthesis.

The spiritual guides from whom these teachings emanate are known variously as the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet, the Masters of the Wisdom, the Great White Lodge or in the East by the peculiar name of the Society of Organized and Illumined Minds.  They were once men and women as are we, but have mastered all areas of human life and passed into a higher state of being.  Some few remain in physical incarnation, but the majority reside in the inner spiritual realms of the planet.

Those best known to humanity include the Christ, also known in the East as Maitreya Buddha, who is the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy; the Master KH, known in a previous incarnation as Pythagoras; the Master R, known previously as Prince Rákóczi of Hungary, the Comte de St. Germain, and Francis Bacon; the Master Morya, formerly King Ashoka, the great 2nd century BCE emperor of the Indian subcontinent and the Master DK, former abbot of one of Tibet’s leading monasteries.

Like all teachings emanating from the Spiritual Hierarchy, the emphasis of the books written by Lucille is on service to humanity and the Christ/Maitreya Buddha. They make no appeal to authority, but direct the student to judge their value by the application of the teachings within their own life and affairs.



"We have discussed the three energies which are being blended into a new synthesis for the purpose of working out this Ashramic Plan in the world of affairs. Your Ashram, the Ashramic Center which brings the planetary purpose into focus and which, via the energy of love, interprets that Divine Purpose into a Plan and passes that Plan on to you to be worked out in the life and affairs of mankind, is constituted of three members of the Hierarchy with whom you are aligned in a direct interrelationship—both as Soul and within your instrument in the physical plane of affairs. The Master M, the Lord of the first Ray, the Master DK, a senior disciple of the second Ray and myself, the Master R, Lord of the seventh Ray, bring these three energies into a focus, a triangular focus on ashramic levels and via a circulation of spiritual force within that triangle blend them into the new synthesis which has as yet just barely touched you, but which will—as you in your increasing receptivity become more able to carry it and to express it in service to the Divine Plan for humanity—come into appearance and influence in ever-increasing quality and quantity."

The Headquarters Series, 7 February 1961


Divine Will

"Thus the leaders can serve to bring into activity the concept of cooperative leadership where there is a give and take of inspiration, where there is a united effort on the part of all leaders to so relate their particular ideas, concepts and meanings to those of the total, to make whatever adjustments (for the purpose of right relationship) of ideas, concepts, and meanings that are necessary, thus producing an outer group activity which is so coordinated in its many parts as to result in an effective total influence.

Leadership Training, p 66


Divine Love-Wisdom

The second section of the Ashramic Group Life—is that of the Consciousness aspect—the Soul life of the group, which deals primarily with the growth and development of the incarnate consciousness, incarnate on Ashramic levels within the causal sheath, incarnate below these levels within the threefold instrument.

This section of the Ashram is reflected outwardly within the body of humanity primarily in the field of Education, within the group life in the same field, that of teaching, as well as any other activity which deals specifically with the Soul life.

Applied Wisdom, p. 1587-1588


Divine Law and Order

The new Synthetic Ashram must carry almost the total responsibility for the manifestation of the Divine Plan for humanity for the next 2500-year period. This period (a cycle) within which much change must take place, within which the evolutionary development of humanity (which has moved ever so slowly over millions of years) must come into a sharp focus and a real apparent change. That is, that evolution which has accumulated over a long period of time must, in this 2500-year period, be made obvious, be given an outer form.

Ashramic Projections, p 47-48