Wisdom Gathering 

This year's Gathering will be held simultaneously in Estes Park, Colorado, and Victoria, Australia, October 21-25. This is an opportunity for collaborative service, loving fellowship, and spiritual refreshment. Estes Park is the gateway village to Rocky Mountain National Park, northwest of Denver.  The Center of Synthesis at Estes Park is said to be one of nine distributing points for the Ashram of Synthesis. The theme is:

A group exploration of purpose, passion and power
in service to the Divine Plan.


Life makes everything new. A renewed Christ reappearing in and through humanity is leading to a deeper, richer relationship with Spirit and its expression in Matter, and thus life more abundant. This increasing presence of Spirit stimulates us to be more present in our own lives, revealing the Divine through humanity. This surge of life puts problems and challenges in stark relief, yet simultaneously floods us with new, creative individual and group solutions. Breathing with Christ the air of Shamballa, we are energized with a renewed sense of purpose. That inspiration fills us with the passion to bring it to life, while daring to move forward fills our service with its power

This gathering provides the setting for a group to explore the meaning and significance of life more abundant.  Realizing that the group is the invocative agent and the soul the teacher, we are planning open group dialogues on several topics related to the theme. Using short presentations, the facilitators will set an atmosphere with the intention to open the door to these mysteries that we enter as a group.

You can find more information on registration, travel, lodging, pre-gathering videoconferences, and live streaming on the Wisdom Gathering website: wisdomgathering.org 

Winter Gathering

We gather some time after the winter solstice in Estes Park, Colorado. The exact date has not been determined for 2018. Click HERE for more information.  

Wesak Festival

We will be having a gathering at the time of the Wesak full moon in Estes Park, Colorado, 26-30 April, 2018. Click HERE  for more information. 

New Moon Fire of Synthesis Meditation

A monthly online meditation bringing the beautiful energies of Synthesis to humanity. It is held on the Sunday closest to the New Moon at 7.30am (Australia EST).

Some meditation experience is needed.

Contact Margrit via email: wisdom5292@bigpond.com for further details

Full Moon Meditation

A monthly online meditation supporting humanity on its Path.

It is held on the day of the Full Moon at 8pm (Australia EST)

No prior meditation experience needed.

Contact Margrit via email: wisdom5292@bigpond.com  for further details