There are a few points I should like to bring out here regarding the Second Ray of Divine Love-Wisdom. First, Divine Love is not an emotion. It is most important that the disciple realize this. It does produce, as do all energies, a feeling response. But in itself it is not an emotion. It is an energy, and I might add it is a consciousness. Its highest frequencies manifest as Wisdom—Divine Love is Divine Wisdom—perfect understanding. The definition of Divine Love, more than the definition of any other ray energy, defies logic. Its understanding cannot be reached through the use of the logical interpretative mind. A true understanding of this energy can only be achieved via an experience in consciousness of it. As I speak to you, it is through the use of this particular energy. You, in turn, are receptive to it by your reception and your response. A relationship is established between us, a relationship which produces within both your consciousness and mine, a greater understanding of one another, of ourselves, and therefore of that One Life of which we are but a part.

The disciple enters into this experience of love, through the use of the First Ray, by focusing the intent, the Will to Love, recognizing that the basic energy underlying every relationship—regardless of the outer form of that relationship—is Divine Love-Wisdom. By truly entering then into the energy of the relationship, the experience of love, the experience produces understanding in ever increasing degrees until the disciple enters into the heart of the One Life, and lives within that heart regardless of his outer movements in time and space. The true path of understanding, the true path of evolution, of service, of one’s own growth, is found always ready to be known in the relationship which it is his good karma, in every instance, to experience. By entering into the energy of the relationship, regardless of the outer form it takes, and resolving the mystery of the relationship, man comes to know God and therefore to know himself.

Ashramic Projections, p. 179-180


Synthesis in Education

 The purpose of The Wisdom is the establishment of true brotherhood among all people as a result of universal understanding. This presupposes an educational program which will give all people a common background of knowledge sufficient to permit a solution of any problem in relationship, whether it exists in the family, the community, the race, or the world.

This, of course, presupposes the fact that there is such a background of knowledge which can be presented to, and understood by, all people. The teachings of The Wisdom offers methods and modes of presentation which will make knowledge understandable to all levels of consciousness. The development of the human consciousness at present is ready and awaiting this advance in awareness.

This background knowledge consists of a synthesis of all Truth, existent within all form. In other words, the contention is that every form of teaching contains truth, regardless of seeming differences, and that the common meeting ground is found when that truth is emphasized rather than the seeming difference.

When the barriers presented by languages, terminology, customs, cultural background, etc., are seen in their true light, they will no longer exist as such, but will be known as the vehicles of expression for the Universal Truth. Then can humanity resolve its conflict into harmony and live as brothers in the world of human relationships.

Looking at this from a limited point of view, that is, from within the form of one’s own particular belief, the task seems well-nigh impossible. However, when looking at it from the perspective which sees all truth as related to one Universal Truth, regardless of the form its expression may be taking at any given time, the task is not only possible but probable. It is the next advancement to be made by the human family in its normal evolutionary development.

The task is one of relating all fields of thought to one another, of relating the truth within all religions to one another, of relating science to religion, etc. Humanity must see through the barriers of its own formulated ideals and beliefs. But, before it can do this, light must be thrown upon both the form and that which it contains, so truth is presented within its field of vision. This is what the presentation of this teaching attempts to do.

Applied Wisdom, p. 903-904


The Conscious Soul Incarnate

 The next evolutionary advance for humanity can be seen as being the step into the next kingdom in nature, that of the Conscious Soul Incarnate. Already there are those who have taken the initial step. They are those who are consciously aware of themselves as Souls, and as such, they work in the world to accomplish this realized purpose—to bridge the gap in awareness between man and the Soul and so aid humanity in its transition from the old to the new way. 

Applied Wisdom, p. 913


Remember our definition of the Soul. The Soul is consciousness. The Overshadowing Spiritual Soul is that consciousness which is identified with and is a functioning part of the One Life.

When you as an individual have received into your personality consciousness a sufficient degree of this Soul consciousness, that is, a sufficient number of truths, and have absorbed that truth to the degree that you have built it into your response mechanism as a part of your response to the outer life and affairs, then illumination pours into the brain awareness and the persona becomes the Conscious Soul Incarnate. 

Applied Wisdom, p. 672


The Soul is group conscious. It is impossible to become a Conscious Soul Incarnate as an individual. The Conscious Soul can only incarnate in a group instrumentality. We are building a vehicle for this, so that the Divine Plan can manifest. We will attract those who are karmically ready when we are ready. 

Ashramic Projections, p. 165


Group Consciousness

The next step is group consciousness. That group consciousness within an individual identity expresses through it. We see the outer appearance of a one thing, a one person, but within that vehicle or that form (it is only a form you are looking upon) what is it that resides within the form? What lies behind it, what directs, what wields the energy, force, and substance? What is it that truly looks out from behind the eyes? When we speak of the group, it is the group within the individual, whether he knows it or not, because consciousness is never what the form would make it appear to be. The form, in any instance, regardless of how high or low the evolutionary development, is only a vehicle for a group consciousness.

I would have you consider for a few moments—what is a group? Is a group a group of individuals who meet together to receive instruction? Is it a group of individuals who enter into an activity together, a service activity?

No, this is not a group. A group is a state of consciousness manifesting through many vehicles. These vehicles may be separated in time and space; some may be in incarnation; some may be out of incarnation; some may be gathered together in one room—some in another. A group is a state of consciousness manifesting through many vehicles. It is a particular and peculiar state of consciousness and it represents the next step in the evolutionary development of humankind.

The consciousness of a group is a common consciousness manifesting a particular quality, manifesting particular characteristics within each of its vehicles so that there is always that common meeting ground. Always provided is that medium in the outer life and affairs through which the common brotherhood can be expressed, can be set into motion by the group consciousness within the individual vehicle. You may meet upon the street a man whom you have never seen before and this man may be your group brother, but he is more than a brother. He is a group consciousness focused into a particular vehicle. This is the meaning of group.

You have come into that place in the evolution of the human consciousness where you are making your impact as a group consciousness upon humanity—the humanity within which you are focused. You are making an invocative impact upon the Hierarchy with which you are aligned and the many lives overshadowing you.

Groups come in and go out of incarnation that are composed of a certain state of consciousness. They are brought into incarnation by the group and individual Souls to manifest, in the three worlds of human endeavor, a certain function to which they are karmically related from the past. They may not have completed a certain phase of their growth in one or more of their past lives, either through lack of understanding, motive, love, or right relationship.

Each one incarnates to carry out a certain aspect of the Plan, both for the sake of humanity’s growth in a certain area and for group growth. As the relationship grows, certain aspects of motive, love, and right relationship are adjusted and Divine Love-Wisdom ensues, better understanding is achieved, and karma adjusted. 

Applied Wisdom, p. 657-659


The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet

 The heart center where the Love, or Pure Reason of our Logos is known. Here a group of Lives headed by The Christ, step down the Will of God and the larger [Divine] Plan itself into a relationship with Humanity. Via the energy of Love, the Logoic Purpose is worked out for humanity as the Evolutionary Process, or Divine Plan of the Soul. This inner governing body we refer to as the Hierarchy of Masters, each Master being an individualized focal point within the consciousness of The Christ.

Nature of the Soul, p. 5


The World Group of Disciples

Today, the effort to establish the Divine prototype within human flesh is being made with an intensity which you cannot begin to grasp. Your response to this effort makes possible the incarnation, into your brain awareness, of that Divine Consciousness which overshadows you, of those higher states of consciousness which are not imprisoned within the limitations of the form.

The Hierarchy works today to externalize an ashramic group, an ashramic consciousness, upon the face of the earth. The endeavor is being made to bring into outer appearance an incarnation of the Christ via a group vehicle. This group will not consist of a few individuals in one room, in one city, in one state, in one part of the world. It will consist of a group which is composed of all of those disciples throughout the entire world who respond to the impact of the Plan and who, in their response, consciously initiate themselves into the Hierarchial effort.

Applied Wisdom, p. 474-475


The Science of Impression

You realize to a certain degree, that all communication between those kingdoms in nature higher than the human kingdom, and all lower kingdoms in nature, utilizes this science of impression, that the medium of such communication is the etheric network within which all kingdoms in nature and all life are related, and that once the disciple can pierce through the glamour surrounding the subject of communication, it is possible for him in his meditation life to enter into the inter-communication taking place between the higher and the lower kingdoms in nature.

Now, how is such glamour pierced? By the realization, the understanding, the acceptance of what might be called the cold, hard facts of such inter-communication, or understanding the process, the Science of Impression, which is utilized in such inter-communication. The first fact is that all communication between the Fifth Kingdom in nature, that is, the Hierarchy, and those Souls consciously functioning in Hierarchial Ashrams, and humanity, or the Fourth Kingdom in nature, is between consciousness and consciousness, that a member of the Hierarchy, or a group unit within the Hierarchy, will communicate with humanity by communicating via the science of impression, with the various states of consciousness within the body of humanity.

In other words, such communication will not be focused to an individual within the body of humanity, but will be focused into a state of consciousness shared by many individuals within the body of humanity. The communication takes the form of concepts, ideas, meanings, which have to be translated into word and/or picture form by the individual who has tuned in to them. In other words, such communication is not formulated into the forms of human language by a member of the Hierarchy. The concept, the idea, the meaning is impressed upon the state of consciousness of a particular group within the body of humanity.

For instance, cyclically, certain concepts, certain ideas, certain meanings are projected to that state of consciousness which is shared by all disciples functioning within the world of affairs. The individual disciple, according to his ability to meditate, according to his perseverance in meditation, and according to his dedication to service, will grasp, receive, be impressed by these ideas, these meanings, and will then, himself, translate them into those forms which will convey the meaning in his particular field of service.

A composer, for instance, will formulate the meaning into a piece of music, that music which best conveys the meaning within his particular field. A creative writer will do likewise within his field; an artist will do likewise within his field, an educator within his field, a scientist within his field, a doctor within his; so that throughout the world in the main fields of activity, the many departments of human living, there are those disciples who are receiving these ideas; they are being impressed with these ideas, these meanings, these concepts, which are the downward movement of the Divine Plan for humanity. They are each translating the concepts within their own particular field into the best possible forms which they are capable of creating.

They then have the responsibility of, in turn, impressing those with whom they are related within the body of humanity with these same concepts, these same ideas, these same meanings. They realize that the idea, the meaning, the concept, must be stepped down before the average humanity, or the man just below them in evolutionary development and therefore service activity, can grasp, understand and work with them.

But they realize also that it is primarily the higher concept, the higher meaning, the higher idea, which they are endeavoring to impress upon those human beings who fall within their particular sphere of influence, so that the forms they create, the words they speak, the thoughts they think, the pictures they draw, the life they live, is for the purpose of conveying, transmitting, the higher idea, the higher concept, the higher meaning, into that state of consciousness which constitutes their particular sphere of influence.

Applied Wisdom, p. 1388-1390


Beginning Meditation

Meditation is a technical process whereby Soul contact is realized and Soul infusion achieved. It is safely carried out as a daily practice only after the persona has dedicated his vehicles to the Soul. If there are any of you, then, who have not and do not make such dedication, do not proceed any further with this instruction, for it could be disastrous to you. At this point you are entering the upward way which leads the errant son into the province of his Father. You will be invoking into your vehicles the higher frequency of Spiritual energies, which can be safely wielded only for the betterment of humanity. Deliberate misuse of a Spiritual energy or power brings quick retribution (karma) to the user; hence the protection of the masses is insured by Divine Law.

The first step in any well ordered meditation is that of alignment. Alignment is the establishment of a path of least resistance for the flow of energy between any two given points. In this case, the alignment is to be between the persona, focused in the physical brain, and the Spiritual Soul in Its own sphere.

The persona is composed of three aspects: the physical or dense body, the emotional-feeling nature, and the mind. The objective of the first stage of alignment is to render the physical body and the emotional nature quiescent and under complete mental control. This is brought about in a two-fold manner, as follows:

1. The two lower aspects of the instrument must be relaxed. Wherever there is tension, there the mind is held a prisoner. An emotion, particularly of a negative nature, will produce a physical tension, which holds the attention of the mind fastened to the body and the problem, without freedom to seek, recognize or create a solution. Any attempt to strain or lift the mind from its prison will only serve to strengthen its hold; therefore, the process must be that of relaxed alignment which results in a freeing of the mind. This is accomplished in the following manner:

a. Become physically relaxed and comfortable. Make the body as comfortable as possible in a sitting position. Beginning with the feet, relax each muscle, tendon, and, finally, cell, of the entire body. Speak to the separate parts, telling them to relax. Know that the nervous system carries the message to them and that they will obey.

b. Become emotionally calm and serene. Speak to the emotions, telling them to relax, to become at peace. Let each emotion become quiescent until there is a noticeable serenity pervading the feeling nature.

2. Establish a point of focus. When the physical body and the emotional nature are at peace, the personality consciousness will naturally focus in the mind. The mind, which is no longer held a prisoner to the lower aspects, naturally focuses its attention in the world of mind. It does not leave the body, but it can become attentive to the Soul. It is poised and alert. This is facilitated in the following manner:

a. Establish a deep, easy rhythmic breath, that which seems natural and comfortable.

b. Taking seven deep breaths, the student lets his conscious attention come to a point of focus within the forehead. Do not create a point of tension here. Simply settle easily in the forehead and realize that you are an integrated personality focused in your mental nature.

The next step is to align yourself (the focused consciousness) with the Soul via the mind. In the past, beginners have made the mistake of trying too hard. Let us eliminate that mistake now. Do not try to place the locality of the Soul. It is everywhere equally present, and to place it, before understanding, only limits your thinking. Instead, align yourself with the Soul by turning your attention to the concept of a Soul. Spend a few moments in silent contemplation of being aligned with your Higher Self via the medium of mental substance.

You are now ready to enter into communication with the Soul, to contact it via a seed-thought. The mind is given a thought which quickens its vibratory frequency in such a manner as to span the distance in awareness between the persona focused in the mental nature and the Overshadowing Soul.

Let your first seed-thought be that of ‘‘dedication’’.

‘‘I, the personality, dedicate my consciousness and my bodies to the Soul.’’

 This serves to identify and bridge the two states of awareness in time and space. The seed-thought is then dropped. The words are no longer spoken. This is the most difficult stage of the entire meditation for beginners and for many of their seniors. The tendency of the mind to repetition swings the student into the habit of affirmation, and this is the polar opposite of the condition required for Soul contact. Just so long as the mind is speaking, it is closed to communion with the Soul. It must become quiet, attentive,alert.

The seed-thought is dropped as words. The energy of the thought remains as a line of contact (a bridge in mental substance) and needs no repetition.

The mind is still, attentive, receptive. When the moment of absolute silence has come, the Soul makes itself known.

I should here like to insert a few words of warning. Cast out all preconceived ideas you may have formulated as to what Soul contact is. You have probably heard stories of various phenomena experienced during meditation. Some of the common ones are: light, communication in the form of words, pictures, etc. This is all well and good and may be true of the persons concerned, but it is not a criterion.

Each individual experiences his contact in an individual manner. Some never see light, never see pictures, never hear or sense words. All of these phenomena are forms dictated by the personality, not the Soul. The purest form of Soul communication is instantaneous knowing. Anything else is a means, not the goal.

Accept that which results from your meditation as the best method suited to your development, and do not covet another’s way. This is most important.

3. The meditation form is concluded via what we define as the descent, in the following manner:

a. Turn the attention to the mental nature, and know it to be impulsed by the Divine Will Impulse;

b. Turn the attention to the emotional nature and know it to be cleansed and purified by the energy of Divine Love;

c. Turn the attention to the physical brain and nervous system and know them to be galvanized into right action. Spend a few moments radiating Divine Love to humanity.

The Nature of the Soul, p. 44-48


Service Meditation

Prepare for meditation please.

Focus the consciousness in the cave and contemplate your identity as the Conscious Soul Incarnate. As the Conscious Soul, integrate the substantial forces of the instrument (your mental energy, astral force, and etheric substance) into a service unit that is responsive to Divine Will impulse.

Align this same mental energy, astral force, and etheric substance with the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul, rendering it receptive and responsive to Soul impress. Sound the OM.

Link up with the membership of the overall group life to form a center of Spiritual Soul consciousness focused into the etheric body of humanity. Contemplate the group consciousness as the Conscious Soul Incarnate within the body of humanity, endeavoring to arrive at an understanding of its function as such.

Still endeavoring to understand the function of the Conscious Soul Incarnate, contemplate the alignment of the group Soul life with the Ashramic Group Life which overshadows, and the Overshadowing Christ. Visualize the transmission, via that alignment, of the concepts and energies of the Divine Plan for humanity into the consciousness, mind, emotions, and activity of the group life.

Visualize its alignment with the consciousness of humanity as a whole and via that alignment, the transmission of Light, Love and Power into and throughout the body of humanity; that Light, Love and Power carrying the influence of the Divine Plan into the life and affairs of human beings everywhere.

Visualize the expression of its Divine creativity via service activities which relate the overshadowing Divine Plan to the needs of humanity at this time and place.

Visualize the Wisdom of the group soul life pouring through each of its membership as a powerful force for the spiritual evolution of human beings. Sound the OM.

Link up with one another as a group unit to form a center of spiritual motivation, understanding, and action, focused into the etheric network of the area.

Visualize the group soul life pouring into the center to create a focus for the working out, in Love and Divine Law and Order, of its Divine Purpose.

Visualize the constant inflow of Light, Love, and Power, in that synthesis which is itself the precipitating agent of the Divine Plan for humanity:

into and through the center to radiate upwardly,

into and through the overall group life and its environment,

into and through this area, and finally,

into and throughout the body of humanity and its environment.

Visualize the response of all of those thus contacted by this center as being directed upward through their own Head Centers to the Overshadowing Christ and the Divine Plan for humanity, thus completing and perfecting your alignment within the One Life. Sound the OM.

Turn your attention again to your own identity as a Conscious Soul Incarnate, a member of the overall group, a disciple of the Christ, and focus into your instrumentality the Divine strength to pursue the path of service, to tread that path and to complete it.

Turn your attention to your own etheric body and, as the Conscious Soul Incarnate, revitalize and reenergize it with the Light, Love, and Power of the Christ. Sound the “OM”.

Ashramic Projections, p. 159-161