The concept of leadership toward which you are aspiring within your own Soul consciousness, and which you are on that level ideating into a relationship with your own function in the world of affairs, is that of cooperative leadership, shared responsibility in the service of the Divine Plan for humanity. This concept overshadows, not only a group, not only the overall group life, but the whole of humanity today, who, because of its particular point in evolution, finds cooperative leadership (the sharing of responsibility for the welfare of humanity) to have become the common necessity. The Soul then, the Soul life of humanity, aspires toward the perfect ideation of this particular concept, an ideation which will relate cooperative leadership (inspirational creativity within the life and affairs of mankind) with the present world conditions.

Leadership Training, p 2 


The concept of leadership is approached by the disciple from the perspective of invocative and evocative activity. The leader in the field of discipleship has, first of all, eliminated from his own brain consciousness and his desire nature those connotations which are given to this term within the race mind consciousness. The leader is not one who, through competitive methods, assumes or creates for himself positions of outer importance, of dictatorial influence, or of hypnotic influence. The disciple/leader is one who is inspired:

1. via his vertical alignment with his own higher consciousness,
2. with the truth guiding that higher consciousness,and
3. with those who, in cooperation with his higher consciousness, overshadow him with the Plan. 

He is inspired with a vision of human betterment, a vision of spiritual growth and development which includes every human being incarnate upon the planet. He then, in his own turn, uses his vision in such a way as to inspire a following from within the circumference of his sphere of influence. He is first inspired as he invokes, via the strength of his dedication and his aspiration to the Divine Plan for humanity. He in turn then inspires others as he evokes from them a response, not to himself, but to that vision of the Plan which he represents, which he is attempting to convey, which he is attempting to manifest. Thus his obligation, his duty, is (through his capacity for loving understanding) to evoke, to attract into a service of the Divine Plan for humanity, that state of consciousness within the body of humanity with which he is karmically related. He is not concerned, at any time, with his popularity, with whether he is liked or disliked by those with whom he works, whether he is judged on the basis of truth or on the basis of superficiality. With these things he is at no time concerned. He is concerned only with the response, of that state of consciousness with which he is karmically related, to the service of the Divine Plan for humanity.

The disciple who tends to build a following which adheres strictly to his words, to his authority, to his direction in specific activity, is functioning on a probationary level and has not achieved to the status of leadership. The true leader will inspire that growth and development which will result in leadership among his followers so that they, in their turn, will move out into the body of humanity in various fields of service and initiate their own activity, an activity which is cooperative with, but which is not dependent upon, that of the original disciple.

Now this is one of the basic differences between the initiate disciple, functioning in the world as a leader, and the would-be disciple who is attempting to function in the world as a leader. The would-be disciple (the probationer who has not yet completed his probationership) tends to build a following, to hold that following in close relationship to himself, to render it dependent upon his direction. The initiate disciple ever seeks to inspire initiatory activity within others, to free as quickly as is possible his following from his specific direction.

One point which is important here is leadership activity. The leader must be truly fearless in his relationship with those he has attracted to him, in that he must permit them to make whatsoever mistakes in leadership, in the initiatory activity within which they must enter, that are necessary to their growth and development. This is the most difficult hurdle that the disciple leader has to overcome. He inspires, he works with the energy of inspiration (and I would have you think in these terms: the energy of inspiration). He is moved by that energy and by that impulse. He brings it into his own being. He sets it into motion throughout his own instrumentality. He then wields that energy to evoke from within his following the same type of activity within which he is engaged. By this I refer to service activity, to inspirational leadership within the affairs of men. He inspires others to serve the Divine Plan in their relationship to that Divine Plan. Not in his relationship to it, or in his concept of that relationship, but rather within their own particular individualized relationship with the Divine Plan. Thus, he encourages, always, their movement into initiatory activity, permitting them to make whatever mistakes are necessary to their own growth and development as leaders....

I would like to come back now to the previous concept, that he who would be a leader (and we refer now to the disciple who would function in a leadership capacity) must first realize that innate within every human being upon the planet, regardless of his point of development, there is a capacity for creative leadership within his particular sphere of influence, within his particular environment. It is with this aspect of humanity that the disciple/leader relates. He makes his relationship with the inborn creative leadership capacity of the Soul, within every individual whom he contacts. He sparks this first with the energy of inspiration, and works then steadily to evoke this capacity, this creative activity, outward into manifestation, giving always the other the freedom to express his leadership in his own time, and place, and way. This is a most basic and important concept for you to grasp, for you to expand within your own consciousness, to arrive at a better understanding of the humanity focused within every individual you contact, and to embody in action.

Leadership Training, p 16-19


I am going to talk with you regarding the power aspect of the First Ray.  We have already discussed the will aspect and each one, if he has been observant, has been able to realize a demonstration within himself of will as a focused intent.  The power is related to force.  Where there is potential there is power.  In that concept, underlying that concept, there is a great deal of knowledge which none of you has as yet touched upon.  It would be wise, then, to take the word “potential” into meditation and contemplation for understanding.  Actually, a potential is a seed which holds within itself the power to grow to complete maturity, the power to reach perfection.  This is most important.  The concept that the power lies within the individual is a misnomer, is incorrect, in a sense.  The power lies within the potential rather than within the person or persons.  

To clarify this concept, let us examine what constitutes a potential within an individual.  We have two kinds of potential.  One is that which lies in the subconscious of the individual, which has already been developed to its present state of growth during past incarnations.  In other words, everything that has been learned or accomplished, any technique which has been learned, any concept which in any incarnation has been grasped and understood—these are potentials within the subconscious of the individual and can be tapped at will.  

Take for example where some talents come in.  Because you play the piano by ear, as you call it, and have an attachment, so to speak, to the piano, it is not correct to think that you have played the piano in the past.  However, in a past incarnation you grasped and understood the abstract concept which later took concrete form as a piano, which means that within your subconscious is a potential which includes a piano.  

Reincarnation follows cycles as does everything else.  Various aspects of what we call the personality are developed not chronologically, not in successive incarnations, but rather one aspect of the personality may be accented during one incarnation; then during the next incarnation another aspect accented.  After a cycle of incarnations, we will come back to the First aspect.  The closer, the more highly evolved, let us say, that the consciousness grows, the closer it comes to soul consciousness, the more will be incorporated into the personality in each incarnation.  

The disciple has reached a point in evolution where almost anything that he wishes to accomplish in the outer world actually is motivated by the potential which lies within the subconscious.  He is naturally gifted, as it is called, in various directions along numerous lines, because of past development.  It is this potential that he taps and utilizes as he enters into a field of service in the outer world.  He makes right use of that which he has already developed, and which usually has been put to wrong use in the past through lack of understanding.  This is how he precipitates karma, consciously precipitates karma.  Do not forget that at this particular point in development you have incorporated a great deal into one personality, into one form.  It is all, in a sense, becoming integrated, focused in one direction.  That direction is provided by the soul as it begins to envision a plan of service which will be put into manifestation through many successive incarnations.  

The other kind of potential is that which lies above the personality, above even the integrated personality, in the realm of the soul.  It is latent within the soul, and has not as yet been focused into and through a personality aspect.  This can be precipitated through direct invocation.  There are the two kinds of power.  There is the power of the soul, or that power which lies within the soul’s potential, and that power which lies within the personality potential.  

A disciple reaches a point in this development where he must choose that potential which he will deliberately focus his attention upon, and bring into outer manifestation.  There are two types of interplay in which the integrated focused personality is the mediator, in which he consciously brings the two potentials (so to speak) together, and thus puts into his outer activity the energy of the soul.  This is true soul infusion. …

It is impossible for an individual to conceive of anything which is not a potential.  It may lie in one field, or it may lie in the other; but if it were not a potential within him, he could not conceive of it, nor would he be able to understand or conceive of it if another brought it to his attention.

Applied Wisdom, p 218


I am going to proceed with our discussion of the First Ray.  We are considering the purpose aspect of the First Ray.  The purpose aspect of the First Ray is, of course, that which produces the motivating impulse for activity.  It is the purpose which underlies all manifestation in form, without which there would be no activity of any kind.  It is very difficult to attempt to bring this concept from its higher levels into concrete manifestation insofar as word forms are concerned.  There is not an adequate terminology in any language in which to clothe this concept.  It will be necessary then for you to realize, as I attempt to define the concept, that the words being used are inadequate.  Use your intuition.  Reach above and beyond the word form which is used to convey the meaning.  Otherwise this concept will be misunderstood and distorted.  

As you have all studied to a very little degree, you know that we speak of the motion on the Monadic plane as being that of forward progression.  Actually, that which moves and is spoken of as being motivating impulse, moving along a straight line forward, as it enters into incarnation on the soul plane, it becomes the motivating impulse for evolution and takes form as the purpose aspect of the First Ray, becoming once again, as it descends from soul levels to the planes of the personality, motivating impulse.  Now please grasp the difference here.  

The motivating impulse taking incarnation on the soul plane as the purpose aspect of the First Ray, becoming motivating impulse once again as it descends into the lower levels—by that I mean the level of the personality—it is possible, then, to contact purpose only on soul levels, and that is why there is not an adequate terminology in which concepts can be clothed for the student.  The only language in which this concept can be fully clothed is that of universal understanding on the level of the soul.  It is that purpose which causes each unit of consciousness, whether great or small, to seek its own.  It is that purpose which brings the soul into the various levels of the personality world, into various types of experience; and it is that purpose which causes the soul to rise above those experiences, above the level of the personality, back into what might be called an awareness of itself as it is.  

I realize, perhaps better than you, how ambiguous these words seem, and yet within them there are many clues if you will take the concept into meditation.  There is not a deliberate attempt to veil truth, but rather the impossibility of bringing an abstraction into a form which can be understood by a state of consciousness which has not as yet touched upon that abstraction.  

This purpose, as it has been so inadequately defined, relates to the Cosmic Second Ray.  Please, remember that the First Ray of our Solar system is the First sub ray of the Cosmic Ray of Love Wisdom; therefore, the purpose aspect of this First sub ray is directly related to the Cosmic Ray of Love Wisdom, and is, in Cosmic terminology, pure reason or being, insofar as your consciousness is concerned.  It can be said to be the reason for everything, for all manifestation on every plane of existence.  This purpose is partially realized by the student when he is able to make a perfect alignment between his soul, his mind, and his brain, when, by an act of the will, he focuses his consciousness in so perfect an alignment with his soul that this purpose can be directly reflected into it.  The soul, the mind, and the brain—when there is a direct path from the soul through the mind to a specific center within the brain, then does the student begin to grasp and embody Divine Purpose.  

When I said a certain center within the brain, I was speaking of a certain center wherein the consciousness, the incarnating consciousness or what we call brain consciousness, is seated.  From there it is transmitted to whatever other brain centers are concerned in the activity; it would naturally follow.  The alignment is actually the path; the soul, mind, and brain alignment is the head center, the pineal gland, and the pituitary gland

Before leaving this subject of the First Ray, I wish to press one more point.  If you will remember, it is stated that the First Ray is analogous to the Father Aspect.  It is then, insofar as manifestation is concerned, the impregnating principle.  Much understanding will come if you will take this into meditation in the light of what has already been explained anent this ray.  The Seventh Ray is the focused intent in energy, force, and substance.  The First Ray is that focused intent before it is impressed.  The minute it gets into the substantial aspect, it becomes Seventh; it is Law and Order—Divine Purpose above that. 

Applied Wisdom, p 219


One of the points that I am making at this time is that the lower state of consciousness with which you have so much difficulty—that tremendous group life which constitutes the personality—the hidden subjective personality aspect, that these apparent obstacles to the growth and development of the consciousness of the Soul itself, into that Divine being which it is, are only apparent and that the true power, the Divine Power, lies in the higher realms of consciousness.  Regardless of where a man might be in awareness, in understanding, if within his heart there is love and there is aspiration, and within his mind there is that need to comprehend, to know, and out of the two of these there is some desire to be of service, then this man can invoke into his own vehicle, into his own life and affairs, that higher power which will make possible his conscious service to the Plan.  

There is necessarily a great deal of attention given to these things which constitute obstacles to growth, obstacles to illumination.  But it can be known by each one of you—it can be realized; it can be recognized—that these obstacles, even this hidden subjective and powerful Dweller on the Threshold, is as nothing in the face of a higher power.  

You have been given techniques, meditation techniques, and you have been given the technique of the Great Invocation, which makes possible your alignment with the higher state of consciousness, with the higher power.  it is possible, then, for you to invoke that power into service to the Plan. …

I refer to a power which makes it possible to illumine, to expand your consciousness.  I refer to a very subtle power which works from within the consciousness to achieve growth.  

This power (once you have grasped it and once you have aligned with it), you can invoke.  Relate it to consciousness, never to the form.  Its use can only be applied to the consciousness.  If, for instance, you would incorporate into your own response mechanism, into your life and affairs, some concept of Truth (but there is within your consciousness the limitation which as a result causes you to manifest the polar opposite of the concept of truth that you would incorporate, that you aspire to), then it is possible for you to invoke the higher consciousness, that higher Divine Power to work within your consciousness, to illumine, to bring light, to show you where your limitation is, where it is and how to overcome it, through a simple expansion of consciousness which includes truth rather than excludes truth.  

What I am attempting to give you is a new kind of faith.  In the past, this faith which was taught related to the form.  It related to things material rather than to things spiritual.  If you have faith, you can be healed in body, etc.  

There is a recognition, which is possible to you, of that Christ Consciousness which works within all consciousness to produce growth.  It is the invocation into the brain consciousness, into the indwelling consciousness of that which is just as present within the human entity as is the personality aspect.  It is just as present as the subjective, the hidden persona.  

One of the reasons why this particular concept is difficult is because it has to do with a different path than that with which you are familiar.  During this period of human evolution, the many paths of approach merge and become one. …

There is a path which the consciousness accepts and travels which is a long, slow process of evolution via conflict.  There is another path which supersedes or transcends the long, slow process, in that the consciousness need not fight, so to speak, for his illumination.  He need only align with it and receive it.  To travel one or the other of these two particular paths alone is impossible today.  They have to be merged.  Therefore, you receive this concept which can be applied along with the other concepts which you are now using.  While you will give your attention to the Path of Initiation, you will also give your attention to the Path of Illumination, and in combining these two you will make possible (and I refer not to you alone, but to all disciples) the Path of Initiation of human consciousness.  

Application of it in the daily life and affairs is made possible through the invocation of the higher power into intelligent activity.  If it is possible for you to recognize, to accept the tremendous power of the subjective personality, then should it not be possible for you to accept the greater power of the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul, the power of that Spiritual Soul to incarnate into that vehicle which has been dedicated to it? 

As you go about your activities, using the Great Invocation, align with the concept.  Do not strain to receive it or to reach it.  Align with it and then, via a relaxed but an alert receptivity, permit the concept to enter into your consciousness.  

This is a most difficult concept to transmit.  Consider a network of light which is representative of a state of consciousness upon the earth, a state of consciousness which is receptive to a greater light, a light which is so penetrating that as it enters into that network of light it transforms it and in transforming, alters the apparent conditions in which humanity lives.  

What I am attempting to give you is the possibility of the establishment of a receptivity to light, light which is not only illumining but is transforming, a power which works from within the consciousness to achieve growth, to expand your consciousness. … 

And now you have before you a very tremendous opportunity to be of service and to prove yourselves as a group.  I call upon the group to rally around each member of the group, to provide compassion, understanding, strength and love which will make it possible for each to safely and easily pass through this period of growth.  Place yourself within the group, within its consciousness, within its love and its understanding.  Realize during the coming days that you are not only making progress individually, but that your experience is enabling the group to progress as well, so that in this you are serving just as you would serve if you were able to manifest the understanding and the freedom of consciousness which you have known previously.  

Power is potential within focus.  Power is in active manifestation when three focal points related according to purpose have been properly aligned.  

Power is Divine Purpose moving into manifestation.  It is the movement of Divine Purpose along a path of least resistance into outer manifestation.  It is then Spirit moving as energy, force, and substance into a predetermined arrangement of matter.  Thus, Light, Love, and Power, the three basic energies of This Thought-Form Presentation of the Wisdom, are causal in nature, if and when and as they are in right relationship with one another.  

Power is that direction of the life of the substantial form nature back to the source; this movement up is what has been called the so-called descent of the Spirit.  

We come back now to the first statement.  Power is potential within focus.  Power is in active manifestation when three focal points related according to purpose have been properly aligned. 

In order to understand exactly what takes place in a true alignment, that alignment which brings from a potency into an active manifestation of power itself, please attempt to follow this concept.  The focus of consciousness, because it is behind the breath, is therefore enabled to appropriate or to so direct the breath of the form so as to align itself via that breath with whatsoever other focus in consciousness Divine Purpose dictates a relationship.  The breath or movement, the light of the overshadowing Divine Plan—that is, the life of that Plan—is the movement or the breath of the deva.  That breath must be brought down into, that is, it must be breathed into the light or breath of the focal point which is the Ashramic Group Life, and via that focal point it must be breathed into the light or breath of the substantial Matter Aspect.  This is an inhalation which consists of three pulses, or what you might call counts, after which the exhalation brings that which had been focused downward or inbreathed, back to its own source, so that throughout the alignment or the circuit the nature of the overshadowing Divine Plan is manifest within a sphere.  That is, via this alignment from the Overshadowing Christ through the Ashramic level, down into the human level, or the group consciousness itself and its form, within that sphere is a radiation of power which manifests the nature of that which has inbreathed into the life of the lower aspects.  

When appropriating Spiritual Power and giving it to another individual, that spiritual power is the power to choose his Path of evolution.  The power is not given to do thus and thus; the power is given to evolve, to grow.  

It is impossible to invoke the higher Law and to wield that Law to manifest anything if one has not given himself to it.  It is available to him only when he has made his dedication without reservation and when he has proven that dedication. 

Applied Wisdom, p 467